Search marketing para bens de grande consumo

Segundo a Advertising Age Digital, os fabricantes de bens de grande consumo estão a descobrir que o search marketing também pode ser relevante em compras de baixo envolvimento:
The conventional wisdom has been that low-involvement household and personal-care brands don't get much out of search. Few people search for "laundry detergent," for example. They more often search for benefits the brands confer, though many marketers have been relatively slow to capitalize on that.

Look up "grass stains" on Google, and the 141,000 listings indicate substantial consumer interest in the topic. But of the four paid listings, only one, from Unilever's Wisk, hawks a solution from a detergent marketer. (An eBay robo-ad offers to sell "grass stains for less," while PlanetUrine.com offers a supplement to keep dog urine from staining grass.) Search listings for other stains have no paid ads whatsoever.

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