Ajudar o consumidor

Matthew Creamer assinou na Advertising Age um artigo que critica a atitude anacrónica de tantos gestores de marketing e comunicação que continuam a encarar a internet como apenas mais um meio para veicular "publicidade" intrusiva:
Trends like those listed suggest the possibility of a post-advertising age, a not-too-distant future where consumers will no longer be treated as subjects to be brainwashed with endless repetitions of whatever messaging some focus group liked. That world isn't about hidden persuasion, but about transparency and dialogue and at its center is that supreme force of consumer empowerment, the Internet.
E ainda:
"People have to think about advertising differently," said Trevor Kaufman (…). "Advertising is becoming not just about messaging but providing value to customers. Functionality has often not been the role of advertising." (…) "It's easy for clients and agencies to think about banners and email because buying banners is like buying outdoor and email is like direct," said Mr. Kaufman. "That is very different than nurturing the community of your customers, providing great content or executing transactions."
Ajudar o consumidor a comprar, em vez de ajudar o vendedor a vender... Que ideia tão estranha, não é?

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