Tem a palavra o turista

Eis o testemunho de um turista britânico que recentemente fez férias num hotel algarvio de Olhos d'Água:
"The first problem we noticed as we approached the hotel in the Thomson coach was that the last half mile to the hotel was through the middle of a building site. The newly built Riu club hotel was on one side and the recently sold and now being refurbished Riu Falisia (now Porto Bay) on the other. The noise did not intrude into the hotel but as we discovered this was the only way to walk to the village and shops etc. It was dusty and full of trucks and builders vans manoeuvring for a large part of the day so not a pleasant or safe walk. At night it was badly lit and the work went on until at least 21.00."
Aliciante, não é verdade? O problema é que agora, com sites como o Tripadvisor, todo o mundo tem conhecimento instantâneo das experiências de mau serviço turístico.

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